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Government Declares Schools and Colleges to Be Closed Due To Unrest in Lahore

Due to the current law and order situation in the city, the district administration made the announcement on Wednesday that all educational institutions would remain closed. Ali Randhawa, the commissioner of Lahore, also released a notification to that effect.

The announcement stated that all academic institutions, both public and private, would be closed in Garhi Shahu, Jail Road, Mall Road, and Mian Mir.

The choice was made as police and PTI supporters clashed outside Imran Khan’s residence in Zaman Park on Tuesday as they attempted to detain the PTI leader in accordance with a court order, resulting in traffic jams for school vans, ambulances, and the general public in various locations throughout the provincial capital. This decision was made at the same time.

In the early hours of Wednesday, Lahore was in a tense state when police made another effort to apprehend former Prime Minister Imran Khan, but they were met with resistance from hundreds of his followers who had gathered outside his house in Zaman Park. Despite 19 hours passing and PTI supporters laying siege to Canal Road and the path leading to Imran Khan’s home, the police were unable to apprehend the former PM.

After an hour-long standoff with police who had arrived to arrest former Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) members and supporters gained possession of Zaman Park in Lahore on Tuesday night.

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