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Gerard Pique Responds To Shakira’s Diss Track in a Sassy Manner

Regarding Shakira’s most recent diss song, Spanish soccer star Gerard Pique responded in a snide but silent manner.

For those who are unaware, Shakira’s most recent song, “Out of Your League,” was created in partnership with the Argentinean producer and DJ Bizarrap and is directed at her ex-boyfriend and professional athlete, Pique. In the music video, the pop singer discussed being duped. Pique has been mute about the situation thus far, even though the song broke numerous records on the music streaming websites Spotify and YouTube. A new video in response has now been released by the famous athlete.

In a video that has gone viral on Twitter, Pique can be seen pulling into a parking space in a Twingo before exiting the cheap car and beaming broadly. I’m worth two 22-year-olds, you sold in a Ferrari for a Twingo,” Shakira says in the breakup song, possibly making fun of the former’s new girlfriend Clara Chia’s age. The gesture appears to be a vicious response to that phrase. Furthermore, Pique got the company to sponsor the King’s League and was previously seen advertising it in reaction to another line from the song, “You sold a Rolex for a Casio.”

It is important to note that the famous athlete and Latin pop sensation jointly announced their separation in June of last year via their PR firm.

Shakira’s Waka Waka surpasses 3 billion views on YouTube

We regret to announce that we will be splitting up. We ask that you respect their privacy since it is our first concern to ensure the safety of our children, according to the statement. Milan and Sasha are the two sons that Shakira, 45, and Pique, 35, have had together since 2011.


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