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From Stage to Sky: Actor Ammara Chaudhry Achieves Milestone as a Licensed Commercial Pilot

Actor and pilot Ammara Chaudhry recently made an appearance as a guest on Good Morning Pakistan, a morning show on ARY Digital.

During her conversation with host Nida Yasir, she discussed the prerequisites for pursuing a career as a commercial aviator. Chaudhry expressed her passion for flying and stated that if she had to choose between acting and flying, she would opt for the latter. Providing insights into the process of becoming a professional pilot in Pakistan, she highlighted the necessity of obtaining a license by successfully passing exams in a minimum of 14 subjects. Emphasizing the importance of staying informed about the industry, Chaudhry explained the steps involved in the journey to becoming an aviator.

She mentioned that a Student Pilot License (SPL) is granted after a three-month training period and the completion of three hours of flying time. Aspiring pilots can then progress to obtaining a Private Pilot’s License (PPL) by undertaking further studies and completing a total of 40 hours of flying time. The actor explained that individuals with PPL must accumulate 190 flying hours, including 15 solo flights, along with the completion of flights under instructor guidance. Once these requirements are met, the Civil Aviation Authority issues a commercial license.

Earlier, she appeared as a guest on the Bakhabar Savera morning show on ARY News, discussing her journey in the profession. She expressed that being in the aviation industry had always been her dream and considered herself fortunate to live that dream, expressing gratitude to Almighty Allah. Ammara Chaudhry shared that convincing her parents was a challenge, as they believed there was no future for women in the field. She emphasized that any profession becomes manageable with passion.

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