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Finland Crowned as the World’s Happiest Nation for the Sixth Consecutive Year

For the sixth consecutive year, Finland has been ranked as the happiest nation in the world. The Sustainable Development Solutions Network of the UN creates the annual World Happiness Report every spring using information from the Gallup World Poll.

It is now in its nth year. Although the study’s team evaluates each country’s GDP, life expectancy, generosity, social assistance, freedom, and corruption levels, locals in more than 150 different countries are asked to rank their experiences as citizens. The contentment of the Finnish people are credited in part to their low crime rates, wealth of natural beauty, emphasis on community and cooperation, universal access to healthcare, and low poverty rates.

Nordic countries dominated the top positions, with Denmark and Iceland coming in second and third place, respectively, behind Finland as the happiest nation. Sweden and Norway took the sixth and seventh places, respectively. Only one new nation, Lithuania, is ranked in the top 20, moving up more than 30 spots since last year. On the other end of the list, Afghanistan and Lebanon continue to rank as the two unhappiest nations in the study, with average life ratings that are more than five points worse (on a scale that ranges from 0 to 10) than in the ten happiest nations. The ultimate aim of politics and ethics should be human well-being, according to economist and Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs in response to the report.

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According to the happiness movement, “well-being is not a ‘soft’ and ‘vague’ idea but instead concentrates on aspects of the life of fundamental importance: material situations, mental and physical wealth, personal qualities, and good citizenship. To increase harmony, wealth, civility, trust, and yes, happiness in our societies, we must translate this knowledge into action. Tourism authorities in Finland recently introduced a “happy masterclass” to encourage people to connect with their “inner Finn” to capitalize on their six-year reign as the happiest nation in the world. The seminar, according to Senior Director of Business Finland Heli Jimenez, intends to assist participants in harnessing happiness.

She notes that they regularly get asked, “How are you so happy?”. “We want to assist people in discovering and cultivating the Finnish mentality. We believe Finnish happiness derives from a deep contact with nature and our practical way of life: it’s not some supernatural state, but a skill that can be acquired and shared. For our masterclass, we have selected the greatest coaches, one of Finland’s most breathtaking resorts, and a time in the early summer amidst the breathtaking Finnish landscape.

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