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FIA arrests phony Gang teaching Black Magic on YouTube from Muzaffargarh

In terms of subscribers, views, reviews, and paid memberships throughout the magic world, a number of YouTube channels that offered black magic to defeat the power of witchcraft were doing a roaring business.

By using easy tactics to discover ability to determine the locations of gold mines, one such channel was able to draw more than 200,000 subscribers.

To spread the influence of witchcraft, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) criminal wing of Multan detained several persons who ran YouTube channels promoting black magic classes.

According to Dawn.com, the channels operated a business offering a comprehensive course in magic.

According to Dawn.com, the channels operated a business offering a comprehensive school in magic.

The group claimed to be experts in performing magic using owl meat and blood, and they are from the Jatoi neighbourhood of Muzaffargarh. The organization is keeping tabs on the group’s whereabouts.

“The FIA discovered that the gang ran its operations out of studios at the Mehrab Hotel in Jatoi. Mehr Ghulam Mustafa, Muhammad Shahbaz, Jahangir Akhtar, Amir Raza, Irfan Shah, and Muhammad Shah are among those in charge of the channels”, as reported by Dawn.

The accused’ online businesses on YouTube and other social media sites brought in millions of rupees. The report said that the organization also found solutions to people’s concerns. People who wanted to have children and those who had problems with love and marriage made up most of their clients.

In addition, the group frequently used videotaping and photography to extort money from female clients. The group immediately began enjoying a wealthy lifestyle, which raised suspicions.

Another incident occurred in 2017 when a phoney pir suspected of raping, photographing, and then blackmailing multiple women was detained in police custody until a trial court in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

The accused would entice female followers to visit him alone, sedate them, and then rape them in the bedroom. He reportedly practiced quackery and black magic. He would demand payment in cash and gold to keep quiet, police say.


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