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FB Battle: Soul Sisters Pakistan wants a break after Khabees Orat cracks a joke

Kanwal Ahmed, the creator of the well-known, all-women Facebook group “Soul Sisters Pakistan,” has chosen to temporarily suspend operations following a joke from a satirical Facebook Page known for it’s infamous posts, Khabees Orat.

The much older and way much bigger FB page Khabees Orat has a history of making mind bending cartoons on vague traditions, society and culture of Pakistan but it all took a wrong turn when it made fun of Soul Sisters Pakistan for the first time.

This post caused a stir on the internet. After which Kanwal Ahmed the owner of the group Soul Sisters Pakistan posted a request in her own group asking for support.

This triggered a comment war underneath Khabees Orat’s page. First members of SSP came down and spammed the post of Khabees Orat after which fans of Khabees Orat took a stand.

In response to the internet, Kanwal Ahmed posted: Several “vile comments” made by various males regarding her private life and the lives of the other Soul Sisters members.

This was what she was actually referring to.

Kanwal Ahmed posted:

Then this was posted by her the next day.

Khabees Orat in response posted:

In 2013, Ahmed started Soul Sisters Pakistan, a closed Facebook group for women that serves as a secure forum for advice-giving and discussion of socially and culturally taboo subjects.

Over the period of time this group did have issues and women say this joke did have a background which went a long way in closing down the group.

Other women were of the view:

Mahira glorifies abusive relationships: Founder – Soul Sisters

Owner of SSP was chosen to participate in the Facebook Community Leadership Program in 2018, which chose 115 community leaders from all over the world for the chance to hone their leadership abilities and collaborate with Facebook to advance their platforms.

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