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Farrukh Habib attempts to stop police motorcade carrying Fawad Chaudary (VIDEO)

Senior party official Farrukh Habib attempted to obstruct the police motorcade conveying PTI Senior Vice President Fawad Chaudhry at the Kala Shah Kaku toll plaza amid the commotion surrounding the former’s arrest in Lahore.

In an effort to stop the police convoy, Farrukh, who was relentlessly pursuing them, got into a fight with them as well.

According to information, the Islamabad Police had Fawad transported to Services Hospital in Lahore for a medical examination before returning to Islamabad despite the court’s order that he appear before it by 2:00pm.

The PTI leader and employees can be seen blocking the road and stopping a police car in its tracks in the videos posted on social media.

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