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FAKE NEWS ALTERT: Alleged threat letter against PTI Govt. being circulated is fake

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s assertions that he received a “threat letter” threatening to destabilise his government through a foreign conspiracy have sparked outrage in Pakistan. In this context, a letter that has been condemned as false is making the rounds on social media.

The date on the letter is February 28th. The true letter, on the other hand, was dated March 7, according to PTI. Furthermore, the phoney letter’s syntax, semantics, and dictation, which includes the word “selected government,” have led some netizens to conclude that the Opposition is disseminating the false letter to undermine the actual one that PM Khan received.

Following Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s assertions that foreign monies are being used to overthrow his administration, federal minister Asad Umar claimed that the PM is prepared to show a letter to Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Umar Ata Bandial to back up his claims.

The letter, signed by US President Joe Biden, shows severe dissatisfaction with Khan’s visits to Russia and threatens him with a loss of support in parliament and a no-confidence vote. Allies and members of the PTI, on the other hand, have flocked to Twitter to call this version of the letter a hoax and a ploy to divert attention away from the actual threat, which has yet to be revealed.

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