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FAKE NEWS ALERT: Naswar has NOT been banned in Arab countries, ANF contacts news channels over fake news

Director General Anti Narcotics Force Major Gen Ghulam Shabeer Narejo in an exclusive talk with othernews.pk has refuted news saying Naswar has not been banned in Arab countries. 

Earlier reports surfaced that Naswar has been banned in Arab countries and possession of Naswar in Arab counties and airports have been banned and may lead to severe punishment and even deportation.

Reports added that ANF has placed banners at airports across the country urging people not to travel to Arab countries with Naswar. Banners said that carrying Naswar when travelling is illegal, and that anyone who has ‘Naswar’ in their luggage in any Arab country will be severely punished.”

DG ANF Major Gen Ghulam Shabeer Narejo while talking to othernews.pk denied any such steps taken by the force. He said that the ANF have contacted channel which aired and published the news. He said banning of Naswar was fake news and that the force is investigating the incident.

DG ANF after airing of fake news had tweeted a correction.


Meanwhile media reports. 





(Editor’s Note: The phrase ‘Fake News’ is not a scientific term. If facts of information are inaccurate it cannot be called news in the first place. It would be categorized as misinformation or disinformation. othernews.pk has opted to use this phrase as the mass searches and prefers the term ‘Fake News.’)

Aqsa Younas
Aqsa Younas
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