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FAKE NEWS ALERT: Karachi youngsters did NOT kill elderly man for TikTok fame

It’s another typical case of fake news dissemination, but this time a slew of media behemoths are caught in the crossfire.

The two kids who have been arrested in connection with Tiktok related killing have given statements that are against what is being reported in big name of the news industry.

The boys said that the gun was shot accidently while they were fondling with it.

They stated that they ‘did use real guns as props in pictures’ but never shot at and killed this man for the sake of a good TikTok video. He said that pistol went off while one of them was playing with it.

They said that the bullet actually missed two of their own friends miraculously and went on to hit an elderly man behind them. They were not shooting any Tiktok video at the moment of killing, in fact they were on a bike.


Meanwhile false news make their way.

Six days ago, a man named Qamar Raza was slain near Ghazi Chowk in Jafar-e-Tayyar Society.

According to the Malir SSP, two students, both 14 year-olds, have been arrested in the murder case. The teenagers shot and murdered the man while riding their motorcycles.

Fazil Ali, one of the suspects, is said to have fired at Qamar Raza. The murder weapon and the motorcycle were recovered from the detained teenagers. According to the SSP, the weapons have been submitted to forensic analysis.


(Editor’s Note: The phrase ‘Fake News’ is not a scientific term. If facts of information are inaccurate it cannot be called news in the first place. It would be categorized as misinformation or disinformation. othernews.pk has opted to use this phrase as the mass searches and prefers the term ‘Fake News.’)

Ebad Usmani
Ebad Usmani
Journalist specializing in reporting crime from one of the most populated city of the world.
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