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Ex-wife disguised as a beggar throws acid on man in Lahore

LAHORE – Police in Punjab capital apprehended a woman earlier today for throwing acid on her ex-husband while being disguised as a beggar.

Law enforcers said the couple got separated around three years ago, while the victim who is identified as Sajid Khan remarried another woman a week ago.

Meanwhile, Khan, who suffered third-degree burns on parts of the body, said his ex-wife chased him and later ambushed him near his residence.

Narrating the ordeal, the victim said the incident occurred on September 30 when he was returning home. He also mentioned two of the individuals also witnessed the gruesome incident.

The investigation officer speaking with a local media channel said the woman impersonated a beggar to trick his ex-husband and later throws the acid which has severely burned the back, neck, and hands of the victim. He also confirmed that the woman is in custody while further investigations are underway.

Let it be known that public dealing of acid and other corrosive substances is banned under Section 144 of the Pakistani law while offenders can get maximum life imprisonment under Section 336(B).

Earlier, the National Assembly passed the Acid and Burn Crime Bill, 2017 which specifically criminalize acid and burn-related violence by providing fair and speedy trial of such heinous offenses and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

Offenders are punishable under Section 336(B) of the Pakistan Penal Code, which has maximum life imprisonment while the minimum is not less than 14 years and a minimum fine of Rs1 million.

Woman attacks ex-husband with acid for refusing remarriage

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