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Elan receives heat for not delivering wedding dress on time, more victims join bandwagon, CEO jumps in to defend herself

Elan, an elite Pakistani clothing brand, has come under fire once again.

This time, for allegedly failing to deliver a bridal gown on time and then defrauding the purchaser of a reimbursement. Adeel Chaudhry, a food influencer, told the experience of a buddy who was duped by the company.

He provided a thorough video detailing how his acquaintance placed an order for a bridal gown at Elan, but the dress was never delivered. Not only was the dress not ready for the December wedding, but Elan informed the purchaser two months later that they had not even made the dress.

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Adeel Chaudhry, a friend of the customer, went on a social media rant, chastising the brand for such heinous and reckless actions.

“Shame on @elanofficial for ruining someone’s wedding. Also because of organisations like you and the way you deal with customers people stop coming to Pakistan to invest and lose faith. Left right and centre every one said Elan Does this with everyone. We are trying hard to make a name for Pakistan and you are ruining it for small amount.”

The brand then offered a refund after failing to deliver the merchandise, but they reportedly used deception to avoid paying. According to the Adeel Chaudhary,

“They(Elan) created a fake chat with a local Pakistani number saying ‘Yes, just send it to Dubai’. They (Elan) responded that ‘Yes, we have sent it’, … My friend doesn’t even speak Urdu, neither is he Pakistan nor does he have a Pakistani number. They (Elan) are doing a stupid scam and have my friend’s money on hold.”

Elan was recently chastised for failing to pay its employees on time. Following widespread criticism on social media, the brand’s CEO, Khadija Shah, indicated that she was uninformed of the situation but that the debts have now been paid.

There were still accusations that employees who did not have a large social media following were not paid.

Elan was reached out multiple times but no response was received.  

Aqsa Younas
Aqsa Younas
Journalist, columnist and research analyst.
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