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Efficient Complaint Handling: ECP Launches WhatsApp Helpline for Registration and Resolution

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has launched an innovative initiative by introducing an active WhatsApp helpline, providing citizens with a convenient platform to register and address their election-related concerns promptly.

This move, as stated in a recent announcement, aims to improve accessibility and responsiveness in handling issues leading up to the upcoming general elections in 2024. Through the WhatsApp number 0327 5050610, individuals, including those with speech and hearing impairments, can submit their complaints via video. The ECP has established the Election Monitoring and Complaint Center (EMCC) to manage and resolve voters’ grievances regarding the upcoming general elections.

Official sources highlight that besides WhatsApp, complaints can be lodged through email at complaints@ecp.gov.pk or by calling the dedicated helpline 111-327-000. Control rooms have been set up at various levels, including the ECP secretariat, provincial, divisional, and district offices, to efficiently handle the registration and resolution of complaints. At these centers, the public can reach out and register any election-related issues, with trained staff ensuring their prompt resolution.

The ECP encourages prompt reporting of any violations of the electoral code of conduct in respective areas for immediate action. Moreover, the control center is equipped with social media and electronic media monitoring capabilities. Additionally, complaints can be faxed to 051-9204403.

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