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Do-It-Yourself service: Apple users to Repair Devices on their own

Long overdue, Iphone-maker Apple has announced that the users of its products can now repair their Apple gadgets themselves – a Do-It-Yourself service.

Before that, the users were restricted to repair their gadgets at the selected shops with only Apple-approved technicians or at authorized centers, where time constraints vary from device to device.

The Silicon Valley giant’s new Self Service Repair program will initially begin in the United States, with an offer to people of tools and parts to work themselves on damaged iPhone 12 or 13 models.

At first, the service will concentrate on devices more prone to damage, like batteries, screens and cameras.

The company said the service will be offered in other countries from next year and later be extended to some Mac computers.

The step taken as the company faces backlash and litigations over its strict control of its ‘ecosystem’ from iPhone hardware to the applications allowed on its smartphones.

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