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Deck of restaurant Zaiqa overlooking sea at Do Darya Collapses, no causality reported

The collapse of an ‘abandoned’ diner at Karachi’s Do Darya was believed to have caused no casualties, officials said.

Social media users posted videos depicting the fall of the deck that overlooked the water. According to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Syed Asad Raza a restaurant on Do Darya called Zaiqa fell but there were no casualties. He stated that police had arrived at the spot quickly after learning of the incident through hotline 15.

According to him, the diner has been closed for the past 12 years and police were informed of this. Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Darakshan Rana Mohammed Dilawar, a separate officer, confirmed that there were no casualties reported and described the location as an ‘abandoned structure’ that was not in use. At the Do Darya strip in Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Phase VIII, there are several well-known diners. The tragedy occurs after the city’s frail sewer system and infrastructure was destroyed by strong monsoon rains.

According to a statement issued by his spokesperson, South Deputy Commissioner (DC) Tabraiz Sadiq Marri sealed five restaurants at Do Darya after becoming aware of the occurrence. The DC also claimed that a long-abandoned restaurant had collapsed, but there had been no reported casualties. Five eateries have been closed as a result of this occurrence in order to prevent other incidents, according to the statement. The eateries that were sealed off were Charcoal, Kolachi, Kababjees, Al-Habib, and Al-Sajjad. The DHA’s engineering division examined the structures of these five restaurants before sealing them, according to the DC.

To make way for some upcoming luxury, seafront residential, and commercial projects in Defense Phase VIII, the Do Darya food street established along the city’s coastline was about to close in April 2018. The 1.5-kilometer-long food street, in contrast to other food alleys in the city, offers a fine dining experience, a cooling sea wind, and beautiful views, drawing tourists from all over Karachi and many foreigners.

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This desolate region was infamous for narcotics and other crimes about ten years ago. People were afraid to go over to this side, and those who had purchased plots in Phase VIII frequently regretted their choice. But the investors who rented the spaces at Do Darya took the chance and built their culinary businesses outside. There was no turning back once the idea took flight.

This establishment was deserted, a Do Darya restaurateur remarked. We received a five-year lease from the Defense Housing Authority. It was promised to us that it would be prolonged for an additional 20–25 years. We made ensured to set up the location, provide value to the neighborhood, and attract thousands of visitors every weekend.


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