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Daughter of music Mastermind AR Rehman performs for the first time, in Hijab

The eldest daughter of Oscar-winning musician AR Rehman, Khatija Rehman, who previously faced tremendous friction in India for wearing a Hijab, has performed for the very first time in her life, at the Dubai Expo 2020, that too in a Hijab. 

The music Mastermind AR Rehman broke the news to his fans via his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that his daughter Khatija Rehman performed at the Dubai Expo on November 20, 2020. Later he uploaded the video.

It was the International Children’s Day and Khatija Rehman presented her father’s word ‘Fereshtoon’.”Fereshtoon” was first sung by Khadija Rehman in October 2020. But this was the first time she performed it, in fact this was her first performance ever.

Khatija Rehman won hearts of many by wearing Hijab and performing on an international platform after being a victim of traditional Indian news media which criticized the young girl for wearing a Burqa.

Khatija was in the news earlier when author Taslima Nasreen trolled her with regard to her choice of clothes.

The young singer took to social media, “I am happy and proud of what I do and thanks to those who have accepted me the way I am… Dear Taslima Nasreen, I’m sorry you feel suffocated by my attire. Please get some fresh air, cause I don’t feel suffocated rather I’m proud and empowered for what I stand for,” she wrote in response to the author’s post.

After which a barrage of questions and comments were thrown at the little girl. This controversy left India divided. 


Aqsa Younas
Journalist, columnist and research analyst.
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