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Controversy Unfolds: ARY Anchor Ashfaq Ishaq Satti Accused of Assaulting His Wife

ARY News Anchor Ashfaque Ishaque Satti is facing severe criticism on social media following his wife’s Facebook post that displays images of injuries on her face and body, allegedly caused by her husband.

According to Rabia Anum’s post on X (formerly Twitter), Nomaika Ashfaque Satti is 27 years old. In her account, Nomaika describes being almost beaten “to death” by her husband Ashfaque Ishaque Satti, who “repeatedly” threatened to kill her and conceal her body. The images she shared reveal the extensive bruising and swelling resulting from the violence.

Nomaika detailed that she endured hours of physical abuse, during which Ashfaque Ishaque Satti locked her in a room and took away their 1.5-year-old son. Left without food and water in a dark room while badly injured, she continuously pleaded for help and mercy. Surprisingly, Ashfaque Satti’s mother was present in the house but did not come to her aid. After managing to escape, Nomaika sought a medical check-up and filed a First Information Report (FIR) against her husband. She claimed that the police initially resisted taking action due to Ashfaque Satti’s “continuous pressure on them and his influence in the media.” As of now, no further action has been taken, and Ashfaque Ishaque Satti appears to have disappeared, according to Nomaika’s account.


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