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Confined by family for ‘being in love’ with a married woman, rescued by police (VIDEO)

KARACHI: Police in the country’s largest metropolis got a 19-year-old boy freed from his residence in Shah Latif where he was found chained by family.

Cops in Shah Latif took notice of a viral video on social media in which a youth claimed to be abducted by his family members.

As the law enforcers got alarmed by the viral clip, local police rushed to his residence tracing his IP address where the family revealed another story – contrary to the ordeal which the chained boy said in the clip.

Police quoting family officials said the boy was chained by his family as he wanted to marry an already married woman of the neighborhood.

The boy reportedly ‘fell in love’ with the married woman while the ‘lovebirds’ used to communicate on messaging applications for hours on daily basis. The woman is said to be a resident of the victim’s locality.

The distressed father, who was worried about his son’s future, told cops that the boy kept asking the woman to take divorce from her husband.

The man got engaged in a heated argument with his own family after which they didn’t have any other option other than locking him in a room and chaining him down.

Meanwhile, the boy approached cops with a video through social media. Police later rushed to the spot and released the boy. He was later taken to a police station for further proceedings.

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Ebad Usmani
Ebad Usmani
Journalist specializing in reporting crime from one of the most populated city of the world.
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