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College Principle punished with slaps on premises by MLA in Karnataka

A college principal was smacked by a Janata Dal (Secular) MLA for being unable to give adequate explanations regarding the ongoing construction of a computer lab.

On Monday, June 20, M Srinivas, a Mandya MLA, repeatedly slapped Nalwadi Krishna Raja Wediyar ITI College’s principal in front of his peers.

The MLA has received a lot of criticism online for the event as well. Many viewers of the video criticized the MLA for being haughty and criticized the principal’s coworkers for failing to support him. At the Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar ITI College in Mandya, the incident took place. Other college officials, including a woman, can be seen on film witnessing the scene in disbelief. The principal’s apparent inability to respond to the MLA’s inquiries about a computer lab is given as the explanation. Another member of the college staff is seen in the video responding to the MLA’s inquiries.

The issue would be brought to the District Commissioner’s attention, according to Shambhu Gowda, President of the Government Employees Association Mandya District, on Tuesday. Gowda convened an urgent meeting of the association and reported the details of the Principal’s assault. He also met Principal Naganand and got information about the situation and assured him of full support.

The video sparked indignation among the public after it was posted on social media. Twitter user @SheetalPronamo tweeted, “This happens when power goes to head. Shame.”

Another twitter user @vinayakven tweeted, “@EduMinOfIndia please take action.”

Twitter user @meenabg expressed her outrage by tweeting, “@BSBommai can we expect legal actions against that politician?”

Another incident involved a Jharkhand-based BJP official who was seen on tape abusing and assaulting a transport officer. And that all happened because the cop merely carried out his duties.

The state’s Latehar district is where the tragedy happened. A dispute over the removal of a nameplate from his personal vehicle involved BJP leader Rajdhani Yadav and the district transport officer. However, Yadav was ultimately detained for his despicable actions.

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