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China bans ‘sissy’ men from TV amid fears of ‘cultural disorientation’

BEIJING: The broadcasting regulator in the People’s Republic of China announced banning ‘sissy pants’ celebrities in entertainment as officials escalate the fight against what it sees as a cultural import that threatens the country’s national strength.

The National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA), a ministry-level executive agency directly under the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, said political and moral conduct should be included as criteria in the selection of actors.

The multimedia watchdog of the Eastern Asian country said entertainment programs should firmly reject the “deformed aesthetics” of niangpao, a derogatory term that means effeminate men.

The move came as China tightens control over the entertainment industry, taking aim at an explosion of TV and streaming shows that hold increasing sway over pop culture and the youth.

Reports in international media quoting sources claimed that men with feminine get up or any character that displays gentle personalities and acts in boys will not be allowed in China despite there’s amassed fans who like many of the characters who are now opposed by the state.

The move aimed to revive the older days when male stars sing revolutionary songs and play intrepid, besides playing the role of aggressive soldiers who defend their country from foreign enemies.

The gender-neutral attires and characters have come under criticism from parts of society who support conservatism.

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Earlier this year, the Chinese Ministry of Education also vowed to promote sports education in schools following a proposal about ‘preventing men from becoming too feminine.’

Experts believe that the clampdown on such content depicted authorities’ move to reinforce mainstream gender roles and resist what they regard as ‘Western agenda’.

Some believe that ‘masculinity is being associated with nationalism’ as it’s believed the effeminate male image could mislead young people which will gradually weaken the country’s ability to combat.

Meanwhile, it’s uncertain how the Chinese government will define ‘sissy pants’ in coming days,” but the order is expected to prompt more stringent self-censorship by entertainment companies that are already caught in a sweeping regulatory crackdown.

Furthermore, homosexual characters have been banned on Chinese television, and no prominent mainland Chinese celebrity has come out as homosexual.

Many of the channels have previously blurred male stars’ earrings and ponytails as it depict ostensible association with rebellion and counterculture.

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