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FAKE NEWS ALERT: China artificial sun launching video is NOT what you’re being told it is

A video purporting to show China launching an artificial sun has gone viral on social media, but it is not what you are being told it is.

The video being shown in actual is a rocket taking off not China’s artificial sun.  

All you need to know about China’s Artificial Sun

China’s artificial sun has made headlines throughout the world. According to news reports, China’s Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) fusion facility is burning “five times hotter than the sun.” 

A video saying China launching its fake sun was tweeted by Chris Brown, a singer-songwriter. Brown later removed the tweet from his account.

The 30-second amateur footage appears to have been shot on a smartphone. The video has lately gone viral on social media, but closer examination reveals that it does not depict China launching its artificial sun. In truth, it’s just a video of a typical rocket launch.

Several footage of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 and other rockets being launched at night, as well as a video of the SiriusXM satellite launch in June, show what appear to be fireballs ascending into the sky. You can even see the rocket’s exhaust trail as it flies if you look attentively.

Because of how it simulates the fusion that occurs inside the sun and other stars, several news sites have referred China’s EAST reactor as an artificial sun.


(Editor’s Note: The phrase ‘Fake News’ is not a scientific term. If facts of information are inaccurate it cannot be called news in the first place. It would be categorized as misinformation or disinformation. othernews.pk has opted to use this phrase as the mass searches and prefers the term ‘Fake News.’)

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