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#BoycottShahRukhKhan trends on Twitter as SRK picture with PM Imran goes viral

MUMBAI – Bollywood’s ‘King Khan’ has landed himself in another controversy as #BoycottShahRukhKhan is trending on microblogging site on the second day as Indian extremists, under Modi-led rule, alleged him of ‘anti-Hindu’ stance ahead of the release of his latest movie Pathan.

Amid the rising extremism and Islamophobia in the second-largest ‘democracy’, the recent controversy surfaced after a snap of DDLJ actor with Prime Minister Imran Khan went viral.

Some Twitterati also alleged him of being ‘pro-Pakistani’ which they claim ‘hurt the sentiments of Hindus’. Some also lampooned him for supporting the arch-rival neighbor over the years.

Others find him doing more than unusual Muslim roles as the character of Khan in his upcoming project is also a Muslim agent who works for the Indian Intelligence agency RAW. He also played the roles of a Muslim guy in super hit movies including My Name is Khan and Raees.

As some lambasted him on his current project, others also questioned his role as the Indian emperor of the Maurya Dynasty’s Ashoka – which was played in a negative manner and put the emperor in a ‘bad light’, per reports.

Amid the recent outrage, many users also called him for allegedly abusing his power and hurt the sentiments of fundamentalists as he mentioned extreme intolerance in India. Others went bananas with his pictures with the Pakistani Prime Minister, while some slammed him for taking a picture with his friend, architect Tony Ashai, who according to frantic users is an ‘ISI agent’.

Khan, who stayed mum on the recent ire, was also scolded for following Indian journalist Barkha Dutt on Twitter.  Meanwhile, not a single reason highlighted by extremists proved his Anti India or Anti Hindu rhetoric however is depicted of what Khan referred to as extreme intolerance.

Check some of the few reactions:

Earlier, Khan speaking in a show said that his children are neither Muslim nor Hindu, but he referred to them as ‘Indian’. The Don actor reiterated that he has taught his children to introduce themselves as ‘Indians’.

Sharing an anecdote, he once said my daughter asked me about the religion, and I told him that ‘we are Indians only we don’t follow any religion and that should not happen either’.

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