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Bill Gates Shares His 48-Year-Old Resume To Encourage Job Seekers Worldwide

Bill Gates, a co-founder of Microsoft, recently reminisced by sharing a picture of his nearly five-decade-old CV.

The entrepreneur’s resume has drawn attention online because of his amusing and self-deprecating caption, which left many people in splits. When users discovered that the co-founder of Microsoft had placed personal information like his height and weight in the document, they were shocked.

Using the tagline “Whether you’re a recent grad or a college dropout, I’m sure your résumé looks a lot better than mine did 48 years ago,” Gates shared his 48-year-old resume on LinkedIn.

When Gates was a freshman at Harvard, he wrote a one-page CV. A list of Gates’ academic courses, including Data Base Management, Operating Systems Structure, Compiler Construction, and Computer Graphics, was also included in the booklet. Later on, he left Harvard to found Microsoft. He rose to the position of the richest man in the world at the age of 26, a position he kept for a number of years.

Many people were shocked to read such an outdated CV, which caused the post to go viral. Many users commended Gates for motivating others by releasing his résumé. Many readers praised the resume’s simplicity, while others expressed amazement, saying it didn’t appear to be the work of a young graduate. “We ought to all preserve backups of our previous resumes for future reference. We occasionally lose sight of all that we have done in life”, one user said. “Bill Gates, sir, even after 48 years, your résumé will be memorable. It’s extremely outstanding, and I think it would take up to ten resumes to match what you accomplished back then,” said another.

When customers discovered that the co-founder of Microsoft had placed personal information like his height and weight in the document, they were shocked. Mahesh Babu, the star of the Telugu film industry, and his wife Namrata Shirodkar were recently pictured with Bill Gates.

In a post accompanying the image on social media, Mahesh Babu praised the co-founder of Microsoft as “One of the greatest geniuses this planet has seen, and yet the most humble!” The actor also mentioned how Gates had inspired him.

The 66-year-old and his childhood friend Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft, the largest personal computer software firm in the world, in 1975. It should be noted that Gates wrote his first piece of software when he was just 13 years old.

More than 90,720 people reacted to Bill Gates’ CV 48 years ago, and 2,421 individuals commented on it. Additionally, more than 2,000 people shared the article. The tweet drew responses from people all across the world, from entrepreneurs describing their own career trajectories to freshmen confessing how the Microsoft founder’s resume inspired them.

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