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Monday, December 4, 2023

Biden’s Dog bites Another Secret Service Agent

Commander, President Joe Biden’s 2-year-old German Shepherd, attacked a US Secret Service agent on Monday in the White House, in what was the 11th confirmed instance.

A Secret Service Uniformed Division policeman was bitten yesterday at around 8 o’clock after coming into contact with a First Family pet. Anthony Guglielmi, the US Secret Service’s (USSS) chief of communications, said in a statement on Tuesday that the officer received treatment from medical staff on site. The injured officer “is doing OK,” according to Guglielmi, who also disclosed that he met with Secret Service Uniformed Division Chief Alfonso M. Dyson Sr. on Tuesday.

In at least 11 incidences of biting at the White House and in Delaware, according to CNN and USSS email communications, Commander was implicated. One of these occurrences occurred in November 2022, when an officer was hospitalized after the dog bit their arms and thighs. As a result of the occurrences, White House representatives recently stated in July that the Bidens were putting new training and leash-handling procedures for the family pet into place. When questioned about whether the new training had started or if any further action would be taken, Elizabeth Alexander, the First Lady’s communications director, responded that “the First Family continues to work on ways to help Commander navigate the frequently unpredictable nature of the White House grounds.”

She expressed her gratitude, saying, “The President and First Lady are deeply appreciative of the Secret Service and Executive Residence staff for their tireless efforts in ensuring the safety of themselves, their loved ones, and the entire nation.” Biden also owned a dog named Major, who bit people at the White House on multiple occasions. In 2021, Commander moved in when the German Shepherd eventually left the White House. The first lady, Dr. Jill Biden, “couldn’t recover control” of the dog as it rushed a Secret Service agent, according to an email exchange obtained by the right-leaning group Judicial Watch in July that details 10 incidents involving the dog. The staff member sent out a warning in an email, saying, “I think it’s only a matter of time until some agent/officer is assaulted or bitten.”

Secret Service personnel may frequently interact with the first family’s pets, even though they are not in charge of their care. This is not a Secret Service matter. Former USSS agent Jonathan Wackrow stated that this is a workplace safety hazard. The fact that this is the president of the United States home and also where hundreds of thousands of people work adds to its uniqueness. “You cannot introduce a hazard into the workplace, and that’s essentially what’s occurring with this dog. While one incident could be considered an accident, multiple occurrences indicate a significant problem,” he remarked. Agents working at the White House residence face a “serious hazard,” according to Wackrow.

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