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Barbie-Inspired Hot-Pink Themed Coffins

Barbie pink bespoke coffins were introduced by a funeral parlour in Mexico as a tribute to admirers and to stay up with the Barbiecore trend.

‘May your spirit rest in peace, like Barbie,’ was the tagline used by the Olivares Funeral Home to advertise new coffins that included the Barbie logo and were hot pink in colour. The company’s undertaker, Isaac Villegas, stated, ‘Demand for the brightly coloured coffins we started constructing for people in Mexico, El Salvador, and Latin America is growing. Following the film’s box office success, there was a sharp rise in the demand for coffins.’

He said that, for the first time, funeral homes in El Salvador provide Barbie-like coffins. He continued, ‘We wanted to promote the pink coffin because it has become a fad, and we had numerous calls from customers asking for new coffins, and we sealed about 10 contracts with people until our stock of coffins ran out.’ This magnificent bright pink casket symbolises the spark and energy of the wonderful moments lived by its owners, as well as a celebration full of love, vibrant colours, and priceless memories, with its stunning bright pink colour.

The option of attractive pink coffins is now available in funeral establishments in certain areas, guaranteeing that loved ones are ‘pretty in pink forever.’ As a result of Greta Gerwig’s hit movie release, the ‘Barbiecore’ movement, also known as the Barbie craze, has become extremely popular and has caused a pink paint scarcity. If Barbie’s Dreamhouse wasn’t enough, now funeral establishments are latching on to the trend of Barbie-themed shocking pink dream coffins.

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