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Astrological Forecast: Clear Winner Prediction for Pakistan vs India ICC World Cup Match

Pakistan could set a new record by defeating India in the World Cup match scheduled for today in Ahmedabad, according to an astrologer named Muhammad Ali Zanjani from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

On the day of the game, there will be an eclipse, and it is predicted that Rohit Sharma will outperform Babar Azam as the captain. Muhammad Ali Zanjani predicts that Pakistan will triumph against India. However, since their initial meeting in Sydney in 1992, India has defeated Pakistan seven out of seven times. Babar Azam’s team is determined to break this streak as they face the hosts in Ahmedabad.

Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan’s cricket squad, has already expressed his confidence in breaking the record against India. He stated, “I don’t care about the past records,” when sharing his views before Pakistan’s crucial match against India. We are certain that we will perform well as a squad against India. The entire crowd is expected to support India against Pakistan tomorrow. Babar Azam also emphasized the importance of the toss in the game.

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