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Arooba Faridi – Country’s youngest female aerospace engineer

After receiving International Aircraft Maintenance License from the Netherlands Licensing Authority, Arooba Faridi has become the country’s youngest female aerospace engineer.

EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) has granted Arooba the maximum Basic Categories License, which includes CAT A1 & B1.1 (Aeroplanes Turbine), CAT A2 & B1.2 (Aeroplanes Piston), and CAT B3 (Aeroplanes Piston) (Piston Engine non pressurised Aeroplanes of 2000kg MTOM).

She began her career as an Aircraft Technician in 2014, working on lower-category aircraft (Aeroplane Piston) and registering for EASA Part-66 Exams (Modular Exams for Aircraft License). After four years, she moved up to higher-category aircraft (Aeroplane Turbine) and continued her Practical Experience for another 2.5 years, as required for the Basic EASA license.

But things were not easy for her in Pakistan, where Aerospace Engineering is traditionally a male-dominated field.

Arooba Faridi is Pakistan’s youngest and most enthusiastic female engineer, and she is looking forward to helping her country and creating new standards for future girls in fields where men predominate.

Aqsa Younas
Aqsa Younas
Journalist, columnist and research analyst.
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