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Allama Iqbal Road opens in New York

Allama Iqbal, the esteemed poet of the nation, now has a road named after him in the Queens district of New York City. This naming coincides with Pakistan’s imminent Independence Day celebration.

A significant number of attendees gathered in Richmond Hill, Queens, for a ceremony during which the newly designated “Allama Iqbal Avenue” was inaugurated. Amidst the waving of the national flag, enthusiastic voices chorused, ‘Pakistan Zindabad.’ The event marked the culmination of persistent and passionate advocacy by the Pakistani-American community, with the non-profit organization American-Pakistani Advocacy Group (APAG) playing a pivotal role in bringing this dedication to fruition. 

Masood Khan, the ambassador of Pakistan to the United States, commended Ali Rashid, the leader of the American Pakistani Advocacy Group, for his initiative in getting the street in New York co-named ‘Allama Iqbal Avenue.’ Additionally, he praised Ali Rashid for his tireless efforts to improve ties between Pakistan and the US and for raising understanding of Pakistani culture and history in the US.

Adrienne Adams, Speaker of the New York City Council, gave a speech at the event and said, ‘As we approach Pakistan Independence Day, we are honored to celebrate the co-naming of 109th Street and 101st Avenue as “Allama Iqbal Avenue.” He stated that the foundation of Pakistan as an independent nation was made possible by Allama Iqbal’s efforts and vision.

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