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Noori Announces Return!

One would have thought that Ali Noor’s music career would have been over and that his renowned rock band, Noori, would have suffered a fatal blow as a result of the sexual harassment accusations made against him.

The band is back in action, though, according to the vocalist and guitarist. On Tuesday, Noor shared a photo with his younger brother Ali Hamza, a singer and guitarist who is also a band member, on Instagram after over a year of facing the music. He said, in the caption, “Yes, Noori has returned. I appreciate Mobeen Ansari taking this picture.”

After conducting jam sessions for their band in Karachi in December, Noori, which also comprises Kami Paul on drums, gained attention. Many people in the music industry started to speculate about the possibility of the group performing a comeback concert shortly. It turns out that Noori did perform at a private concert in the city; however, it’s unclear whether this performance marked the band’s comeback or simply served as a reminder of how much fun a reunion would be.

However, the boys have returned and declared it to be so. In the comments sections of Noor’s post, Faisal Kapadia, Wajahat Rauf, and Anoushey Ashraf all publicly acknowledged how happy they were with the choice. But the issue still stands: Have Noori followers forgotten that the lead singer betrayed their faith?

To call Noor out for “predatory behavior” and “sexual harassment,” journalist Ayesha Binte Rashid released screenshots of their interaction in February of last year. The musician had declined to issue a statement when contacted for comment, but he did share the “full” transcript of his chat with the journalist and granted permission for it to be made public.

The communications Noor allegedly wrote in response to Ayesha’s initial message were included in a document that he forwarded to The Express Tribune. He issued a letter on his Instagram Stories to address the problem after initially declining to respond. Even so, he did not make clear what he was apologizing for in his public apologies. Moreover, he refuted all claims of sexual harassment in a subsequent article, saying, “I never admitted to them, to begin with.” Even Noor released a song called ‘Mein Ne Chorh Dia’.

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