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Unsettling Trend: Increasing Number of PIA Employees Disappear in Canada, Seeking a Better Life

Once again, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is facing scrutiny for unfavorable reasons, as two more members of the cabin crew have gone missing. As per the information provided, two cabin crew members from the country’s official airline failed to return for duty following the plane’s arrival in Canada.

Discussing the issue, a representative from PIA mentioned that they have engaged with local authorities regarding the matter. The representative mentioned that an investigation has been launched regarding the matter and underscored that strict actions will be taken against the cabin crew members implicated. It’s worth noting that such incidents are not isolated, as instances of PIA cabin crew members disappearing have predominantly been associated with flights bound for Canada.

In July of this year, a staff member in charge of the country’s flagship airline went missing under mysterious circumstances at a hotel in Toronto. Similar incidents were observed last year, leading to the dismissal of a PIA crew member. In 2021, PIA implemented guidelines for its flight attendants that involved taking possession of their passports upon their arrival in foreign countries.

According to the instructions, the station manager would keep hold of the cabin crew’s passports after completing immigration and customs procedures in foreign nations. Nevertheless, even with the implementation of updated regulations and rigorous oversight, employees of the country’s primary airline continue to evade detection. 

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