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400Kgs of Pork Seized By Customs Officers at Lahore Airport

The Lahore International Airport was the target of an attempt to smuggle pork. According to facts, 400 kg of pork was seized from a foreign individual by customs agents stationed at the Lahore airport.

Sources claim that the customs authorities were informed that pork will be smuggled from Dubai aboard private airline flight ER 724. Customs officers intervened and removed 400 kg of pork from the accused’s possession, thwarting the smuggling attempt. The pork was concealed from the scanning device, according to the authorities, by being packed in 12 huge boxes with special black plastic sheets.

The smuggler was apprehended by deputy collector of customs Saira Batool when she arrived at the airport, and it was later discovered that the pork was being distributed to several hotels, according to sources. In a related incident, customs agents apprehended a passenger flying from the United States and thwarted an attempt to smuggle goods worth approximately Rs 8 million from Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport.

In a separate incident that happened in January 2017, a traveler traveling from China had 60kg of pork goods seized by customs authorities at BBIA Islamabad. According to sources, a passenger’s actions raised suspicions among the on-duty customs officers. According to them, the customs staff detained the traveler, who had come from Urumqi, China, and attempted to search her luggage.

Despite claiming to be a diplomat, the passenger did not present a diplomatic passport. They said that customs discovered 60 kg of packaged pig products in a carton during the luggage scanning process. The container was taken. Zeyang Yu, a passenger who is from Xinjiang, China, was revealed to be the detained person. The meat was destroyed by customs officers.

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