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20 people looted in a cafe-robbery in Anarkali Lahore

LAHORE: In a shocking armed robbery in the country’s cultural capital, a group of diners at Café Euphoria was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight amid the latest incident in a wave of violent crime across Pakistan.

According to the ON correspondent, the incident occurred in a famous eatery near Anarkali – one of the oldest surviving markets in South Asia. The café is located right next to famous jewellery brands, and just opposite to famous Pak Tea House –a classic café known for its association with progressive academics.

According to the FIR of the incident, the incident occurred on October 3, around 5 pm. Three unidentified dacoits donning face masks, who initially impersonated as diners, entered the café.

The gang can be seen looking around the place to execute the plan. One of the men was spotted with a small backpack while the other one sit around while holding a bike helmet.

It further stated that the armed men then pulled their weapons onto a waiter who came to take their order. The dacoits then started looting cash and other valuables from the diners. The muggers took away around 20 mobile phones other than half-million in cash and a motorbike.

Later, the dacoits told some of the iPhone users to sign out from their devices other than asking passwords for the deprived cell phones.

Meanwhile, an FIR has been lodged under section 392 at the old Anarkali police station while further proceedings are underway. Sources told ON that no suspects have been detained till the filing of this report.

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Junaid Bin Usman
Junaid Bin Usman
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