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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

WATCH – U.S President Biden doing just fine after tripping three times while boarding Air Force jet

WASHINGTON – The 78-year-old United States President Joe Biden on Friday tripped three times in a row while trudging up the Air Force jet ahead of his trip to Atlanta.

The oldest president of the United States had walked swiftly about halfway up the airstairs of aircraft when he first tripped. He then can be seen holding the railing with his right hand in a bid to stand back but tripped again, this time he dropped to his knee – in a sprawling position.

He then stood up after holding the air stairs railings firmly and brushed his leg before arriving at the entrance of the jet where he turned, saluted, and then left after facing the embarrassing moment.

Soon after the ‘wobbly moment’, the White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre while speaking with press reporters told that Biden is just doing fine, he is doing great. She further stated that it’s pretty windy outside and I almost fell coming up the steps myself.

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