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WATCH – Did Donald Trump actually wear his pants backwards? Here’s all you need to know

WASHINGTON: Former US President Donald Trump has a long history of being gaffe-prone and this time it’s the trousers of a Republican leader which appeared to have no zipper and it seemed like he was wearing it backwards.

The two times impeached leader Saturday bashed incumbent president Joe Biden but at the end of the night, his talking wasn’t what had social platforms buzzing but ill-fitting trousers that garnered a lot of unwanted attention.

The clip of a 74-year-old goes viral on the same day where his pants appeared to have twisted as social media users failed to find any zipper there. With the assumption of another gaffe, many took to social handles where they posted the clip which later sent social media into a frenzy.

The moment was Trump’s first appearance since February as he was addressing at the North Carolina Republican Party’s annual state convention. Meanwhile, the clip does not appear to be edited, but later high-definition pictures clear the air as the snaps show a zipper in the trousers which many failed to find. The colour of the pant and huge flashlights at the event makes it look like pants with no fly or zipper- but a seam.

Apparently, it seemed that the video was recorded from a mobile device which was later compressed after uploaded on social media – the compressed clips are not as detailed as HD pictures. Some of the news publications also claimed that the video was not digitally altered.

Later, the high-resolution snaps offer a detailed view which the video clip failed to provide. A seam can be seen from the front of Trump’s trousers, which cleared that the pants did have a zipper.

On the other hand, Trump opponents remained adamant claiming that the seam is much extended to be a zipper.

New York Daily News columnist Brandon Friedman took to Twitter where he wrote ‘Others are noting this, but it can’t be shared enough: Donald Trump gave his big speech today with his pants on backwards. Look close and tell me I’m wrong.’

The clip then divided the internet over whether the former US president was wearing his pants backwards at the rally. Check all the reactions here:

Amid the hot debate on social media, some even compared Trump’s attire to youth hip-hop artists Kriss Kross, who used to wear the lower pants backwards – just for a gimmick.



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