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Monday, October 18, 2021

Fake News: Punjab Police Respond after Viral Video Alleges Removal of Detainee’s Nails

LAHORE – Punjab police, known for severe custodial tortures which had come to light over the years, have developed an unsavoury reputation in public.

Recently, a clip of Punjab police allegedly torturing a young man is making rounds on social media in which a number of low-ranked personnel can be seen publicly denailing [ extracting the nails from the fingers] the man who resisted law enforcers.

The video posted by several users posted on different platforms with the claim that the police personnel used hand pliers to denail the detained man. Soon as the footage started garnering extreme backlash, it then led to public outcry.

However, ‘the matter of public outcry’ turned out to be a hoax as the official handle of Punjab police trashed such claims and posted the real facts. The post was actually recorded by a passerby who filmed cops holding a man and posted it to defame the law enforcers, which over time took the attention of thousands as many even, tagged the top provincial authorities to look into the matter.

The tweet from the official handle cleared the air stating that the detained man in the clip is a wanted criminal who has been booked in over 50 cases of burglary, drug abuse, and robberies.

Explaining further about the scenario, it added that policemen were trying to take the sharp blade from the detained man who gripped it in between two fingers.

Police also recovered Methamphetamine, a crystal drug, from the possession of detained criminal. One of the police personnel also suffered cuts while recovering the ‘secret weapon’, the tweet further clarified.

Let it be known that denailing is one of the brutal methods of torture used by law enforcement agencies during interrogations in which the victim’s nails are extracted with metal forceps.

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