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Monday, October 18, 2021

Pakistan gets its first locally made Electric Bike which covers 60-100 kms in a single charge

ISLAMABAD: In another move towards electrifying the country’s automobile industry, Pakistan rolled out the first locally-made electric motorbikes under EV policy.

Prime Minister Imran Khan Thursday launched the eco-friendly two-wheelers in a ceremony held today in the federal capital. Speaking at the launching ceremony at Prime Minister House, the premier while reiterating the battle against severe climate change said the incumbent government is working on an eco-friendly roadmap for Pakistan to save future generations.

The newly introduced e-bikes are launched under the five-year Pakistan Electric Vehicles Policy 2020-25 approved last year and envisaged targeting a robust electric vehicle market with a 30 percent and 90 percent share in passenger vehicles, and heavy-duty trucks by 2030 and 2040, respectively.

Reports in local media stated that the two-wheelers were manufactured and launched by Jolta Electric. The energy-efficient E-bike will be available in various models from JE-Scooty to JE-Sports Bike. The key features include its overnight charging that can cover from 60-100 kilometers. Other features include no clutch and gear and low maintenance – as compared to other two-wheelers.

Some of the models of Jolta E-Bikes include JE-70, JE-70 L, JE-70 D, JE-100 L, JE-125 L, JE-Scooty, JE-Sports Bike. Jolta Electric Vehicle technology, an initiative by AUJ Technologie Pvt. Ltd was the EV technology provider, designed key components of electric vehicle kits for two, three, and four-wheelers.

Khan while hailing the initiative said that such initiatives will help the South Asian country generating prosperity besides reducing its need to go to international organizations for funding. The governments of economically strong countries always worked on long-term policies, rather than those making decisions based on an election-to-election strategy to gain votes and promote mafias.

Pakistan’s efforts against climate change have finally been recognized globally as UN Environment Program (UNEP) declared the South Asian country as the host country on the occasion of World Environment Day 2021.

PTI government will devise sustainable policies on environmental protection to materialize the vision of a Clean and Green Pakistan, he stressed.

Speaking about climate change, he said that deforestation and pollution were the man-made issues that were leading to dreadful effects on human lives.

Khan lamented at previous regimes, saying no governments consider environmental actions in Pakistan and it was of paramount importance that we utilized its raw materials to manufacture products and reduce its reliance on imports, he added.

Various models of Jolta E-Bikes have different speed specifications from 10 to 60 kilometers per hour and can cover a distance after full charge from 60 to 100 kilometers.

Tax Reductions for EV in Budget 2021-22:

Meanwhile, the PTI-led government announced massive tax reductions for cars up to 850cc and electric vehicles in the Fiscal Budget 2021-22. The Federal minister during the NA session announced that the government is encouraging the manufacturing of electric vehicles and these are the firsts steps that we are offering to achieve the goal.

The government has ended the tax on the import of CKD units for local manufacturing of electric vehicles. While the sales tax on locally assembled EVs will be slashed to 1 percent from a staggering 17 percent, meanwhile Value Added Tax on import of electric cars and CKD Kits will be 0 percent.

Federal Excise Duty (FED) on locally assembled cars under 850cc was also slashed while sales tax on these cars also has been reduced to 12.5 percent from 17 percent.

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