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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Irfan Junejo another time draws public ire for not speaking about Palestine issue but ‘he didn’t mean it’

Pakistani You Tuber and former blogger Irfan Junejo another time draw public ire after claiming that as You Tuber he cannot add much substance to the Palestine massacre.

The famous content creator, who earlier faced extreme backlash and even campaign from a large number of social media users after his not-so-common stance on the Kashmir issue, this time, breaks silence after facing major bullying.

Junejo, called out critics with another video titled WE RAISED $1700 FOR THIS COUNTRY (YOU KNOW WHICH ONE) on his second YouTube channel urging masses to watch the clarification video instead of interpreting the whole episode with the concocted media reports.

The Pakistani vlogger, clapping back at the critics, mentioned his fundraising campaign which generated around $1700 in a single day. Mainstream media and tabloids will never appreciate my content; he repented while mentioning his vlogging tutorials and more contributions for Pakistani viewers.

The 30-year-old recently called out some Pakistani mainstream media outlets, including Samma FM107.4 and Express Tribune, to present the half-cooked narrative that will eventually mislead the masses. He decided to explain what he actually thought about using social media platforms to create awareness about such issues.

Junejo while explaining the ordeal he faced said these news organizations used a halfway narrative to explain his stance.

Speaking in a recent video clip, he explained that there are three ways to raise awareness. The first one is making an awareness video. I don’t agree with this. What would I say if I make a video of a short emotional rant. He even added that the idea is actually but only if you mean business. It’s an opportunity to raise numbers, which according to him he is not interested in.

Meanwhile, he hinted at the other two options to serve the cause which amplifies the voice of the oppressed. Those who are on the ground and working for the cause with expertise can play their crucial role in highlighting the cause with steadfast stats. Last but not least is the charity which he mulls to donate for the noble cause.

The celebrated YouTuber further added that he is also willing to make a video about it if anyone can provide him researched figures. I promise to you I’ll raise my voice in the second and third way, he further clarified.

Back in 2019, the comments of the Pakistani internet sensation draws huge criticism after a large number of social media users and some celebrities lambasted him for remain silent on the abrogation of Article 370 by India in the illegally occupied Kashmir.

As then the topic became the talk of the town and was even listed on top trends on microblogging platform Twitter. Many alleged that Irfan remained silent because he was afraid of losing Indian followers later he negated all and claimed that ‘just because he did not make a vlog about something, it does not mean he does not care about the issue’.


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