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Monday, October 18, 2021

Fake Education Minister Punjab Announces One-Year Holiday, Real Minister Clarifies

As the lockdown crosses the mark of one month, looks like students haven’t had enough fun already.

A fake account pretending to be the education minister of Punjab, Dr Murad Ras, announced holidays for a complete one year owing to COVID-19 lockdown. The post was shared so many times that the real education minister had to clarify.

Dr Murad on his official twitter account asked people to ignore the particular post. He said that the post was completely fake.

The fake post says that the education minister in a meeting with CEOs, HED and SED of schools, colleges and universities decided one-year holidays and went on to saying that the notification will be issued tomorrow.

Recently many post related to the education ministry Punjab are circulating on social media. Post about extending lockdown holidays, cutting down a certain percentage  from private schools and online classes being called off.

Among all of them, this post was shared so many times that real Minister of Education Dr Murad Ras had to tweet a clarification.

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