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‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ – Junaid Jamshed’s sons recreate father’s iconic song to ‘rekindle the national spirit’

One of the most famous tracks sung by the late Junaid Jamshed – the track that took Vital Signs to new heights of success – has been recreated by the sons of late pop singer turned preacher.

The new music video of Dil Dil Pakistan is a recreation by Babar Junaid, Taimur Junaid, and Saif Ullah that uplifts the spirits of the Pakistani nation on the 75th Independence day.

The music maestro sons, in the recent music video, tried their best to take forward the musical legacy of their late father, and the recent attempt by the boys is being praised. The video starts with the glimpse of a late singer who walked with a Pakistani flag while the flags of multiple countries can be seen holding by boys who were walking by a seaside.

The video has garnered over 88,000 views while people seem impressed with the sons of the late Pakistani singer. As some enjoyed the attempt of Junaid Jamshed’ sons, others remain skeptical about it as they compared it to the original song.

The song, which always stands at the top in patriotic songs, is one of the favorite jams of 90s children who grew up by listening to the song that caught eyes from all over the world.

The original song was featured in the band’s debut album, Vital Signs 1, in 1987. Songwriters of the song were late Nisar Nasik, and Shoaib Mansoor while it was produced by Shoaib Mansoor.

Junaid Jamshed remained a trendsetter, a spiritual inspiration who died on the way to the country’s capital from Chitral in a plane crash near Havelian city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The late philanthropist inspires everyone by switching his music profession and became a devoted preacher of Islam.

From stardom to religious enlightenment, so to say: whatever twists and turns, ups and downs, distractions and deviations in Jamshed’s life remained stable, steady, and steadfast is his being a role model in simplicity, patriotism, and a passion for Pakistan.


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