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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Countries facing Anti Vaccination protests

Conspiracy theories about the Covid vaccine have spurred around the globe but contrary to general belief, developed countries are facing more anti-vaccine protests than their much under developed globe-fellows.

As the world aimed to vaccinate all of the population against the novel disease, vaccine hesitancy, myths, and disinformation are still the leading factors impeding mass vaccination in many of the European countries.

Despite having complete information about the deadly virus and its consequences, many people in some of these countries still believe that pandemic does not even exist. Some believe that rumors are also rife that researchers want to insert some kind of chemicals in the bodies amid the experimental approach to control mankind.

Experts believe that the misinformation on social media sites still poses a leading dare to health officials in educating the masses about the efficiency of the vaccine.

Protesters in the country like the United States, which have inoculated almost half of the population, have seen disruptions at Covid vaccination centers in Los Angeles and other parts in which anti-vax agitators staged protests calling the jabs part of a conspiracy by elites to control the population.

The resistance has been also been observed in other leading countries like England, Australia, and Germany. People seemed skeptical and expressed bizarre concerns about the quickly invented vaccines.

Earlier, several arrests have been made in Melbourne, against the protestors as scores stormed streets ahead of the launch of the country’s Covid inoculation program.

Reports cited in British media stated that anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown movements have been observed in Germany. The groups protesting against government decisions are linked with the far-right groups which opposed the vaccination process.

Earlier this month, demonstrators walk towards Trafalgar Square in London as they participate in an anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine protest amid the stern enforcement of anti-Covid measures. Anti-vaccination protestors also barged into the Westfield shopping center. Later, the law enforcers cleared the protestors for half an hour with the force of drawn batons.

In the age of information era, a new report by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate lambasted social media giants for allowing the anti-vaccine movement to remain on their platforms.

Many of the reports in international media cited that social media accounts held by so-called anti-vaxxers have soared their following by at least 7·8 million people since the start of the pandemic.

Experts warned that the growing anti-vaccine movement could undermine the roll-out of any future vaccine against the deadly virus. A report mentioned that at least 31 million people follow anti-vaccine groups on Facebook, with 17 million people subscribing to similar accounts on video streaming platforms.

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