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Another Pakistani University Couple’s Proposal Clip Surfaces

LAHORE: Amid hot debate over the University of Lahore’s couple, which has left the internet in frenzy, another similar clip of Pakistani students proposing publicly on a rooftop has surfaced but this time it’s a boy who kneels down to declare his undying love.

In the recent viral clip, the newest lovebirds can be enjoying the moment on a rooftop, however, the location of the ‘special event’ is yet unknown. The beau can be seen proposing to the girl with red roses —-– while the girl, donning a scarf and Hijab, can be spotted hugging and kissing her male admirer.

A number of fellows can also be spotted, cheering the moment, with the viral couple who also helped the man decorating the floor with red rose petals and etched the first letter of their names – the man spell out the affection with O and R, with a heart in between.

Earlier, the video of Lahore varsity students has divided the internet as some support the act while others argued with cultural norms and oppose the unusual idea. Following that, the university administration also found the proposing act as against the code of conduct and rusticated the lovebirds.

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