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Fact Check: Viral video showing crocodile ambush whimpering dog in Pakistan’s Hub Dam is FAKE

A gruesome clip purporting to show a crocodile attacking a whimpering dog is being shared on different social sites and WhatsApp groups with a message that the incident occurred in the Hub Dam – a reservoir in southeastern Balochistan.

Initially, OtherNews was not been able to ascertain where exactly the clip is from as the caption with the viral video cited that the government of Pakistan has imposed swimming restrictions in Hub Dam and imposed Section 144 following the ambush of the huge lizard-like reptile.

The viral clip has several clues that give it away as concocted, first is there’s no official statement of the wildlife department released in this regard. In addition to the claims of crocodile presence in Hub dam, no print or electronic media of the South Asian country reported it.

The only fact that is accurate about the whole episode is restrictions on swimming in the Hub River. According to Pakistani private news channel Samaa, and English newspaper Express Tribune, at least 12 persons have been arrested for violating the rule in Balochistan’s Lasbela. Last week, a youngster drowned in the river after which authorities imposed a ban on swimming to avoid such incidents.

As social networking platforms are prone to scams and hoaxes, this clip is also turned out to be a dud as the event occurred but in the country’s neighbor and arch-rival India. The terrible footage moment a wandering dog who can be spotted drinking from a river and a crocodile out of blue attacked the four-legged carnivore and the poor animal can be seen dragged underwater to its death.

The video which is reportedly said to be the South-Eastern part of Pakistan is actually of the Chambal River, a tributary of the Yamuna River in central India.

The ill-fated pooch doesn’t appear to notice the danger lurking feet away which ended the life in the jaws of the ravenous Marsh crocodile.

Check out the posts which spread the viral clip without exploring the facts. Several of these posts have thousands of views on it.

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