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Two arrested in Pakistan for blackmailing American teenager to death in US

When a 17-year old committed suicide in the US, investigators after checking her mobile found that she was being blackmailed from a Facebook profile being operated from Pakistan.

On Thursday, a cybercrime squad from the FIA searched a location near Dijkot and apprehended two individuals.

The suspects were allegedly involved in the case of an American kid who committed suicide as a result of social media blackmail and abuse.

Syed Arshad Ali Rizvi, the in-charge of FIA Cybercrime, got a plea from the US Embassy alleging that anonymous individuals bullied and harassed a 17-year-old American after obtaining sexual photos and video of her on social media.

They also sent the girl’s classmates graphic photos and videos, which caused her to commit suicide.

Assistant Director Shoaib Riaz of the FIA Cybercrime Faisalabad was appointed as the case Inquiry Officer, and he conducted the investigation using cutting-edge technology.

After determining a location, the FIA team performed a raid and apprehended two suspects. Mohammad Arsalan Saeed and Kamal Anwar were apprehended in a suburban area near Dijkot, where law enforcement officers recovered undeniable evidence, mobile phones, and digital materials.

They’ve also been served with a lawsuit. According to reports, Arsalan, the apprehended suspect, created his Facebook ID some time ago and afterward gave it to his friend Kamal after switching phones. Kamal and his friends discovered the victim and decided to blackmail him.

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