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Rang Rasiya distances itself from Sana Javed

Sana Javed’s predicament is escalating.

Rang Rasiya, the brand for which she and model Manal Saleem were shooting when the misbehaviour scandal broke, has distanced itself from her.

According to a statement released by the fashion label, the incident has left them “very upset,” and they have decided to reshoot with another star. Aneela Murtaza, a stylist, submitted a legal notice to Javed just hours following their announcement.

Javed is accused of insulting models on set, keeping makeup artists “hostage,” and misbehaving in general.

Saleem started it all when she posted on Instagram about her bad experience working for a brand with “an actress.” Makeup artist Omayr Waqar, who did not identify her, and Murtaza, who simply wrote “Sana,” retweeted the tale.

Ikram Gohar and Rhyan Thomas, two makeup artists, also spoke up about their encounters with her, calling her “unprofessional.” Fareeha Sheikh, a model, also spoke about her work experience with the actor, who supposedly had problems with a shared shoot location.

On March 10, Javed posted photos of legal notices against Saleem, Waqar, and Murtaza on Instagram.

In an Instagram post, she described it as a “proper smear campaign,” saying she was “subjected to all sorts of lies and false stories, abuse, hate speech, and threats.” Waqar then took to Instagram a few days later to announce that he is also serving a legal notice to the Dunk star.

Javed “should focus more on her acting rather than playing games with people,” according to make-up artist Wajid Khan. Syed Hussain, the makeup artist who styled Saleem and Javed for the Rang Rasiya shoot, has backed up the model’s claims.

Rang Rasiya shared a public statement on their business page that read, “In light of recent allegations brought forth against Sana Javed, we at Rang Rasiya decided to disassociate ourselves from the concerned person who was before the main face of our Eid campaign.” They also confirmed that the recent incident involving both Saleem and Javed had occurred on their shoot for which the brand is “deeply disturbed” as well.

Despite the expense, we undertook a reshoot with a different celebrity because we respect popular opinion. The statement added, “It is an appeal to the fashion fraternity to please be considerate towards the firms who spend millions on such shootings in addition to their time and work.”

In her initial Instagram Story, Saleem asked all of her clients not to approach her to shoot with “any actress/celebrity ever again.” “They think we’re ‘do takay ki [two bit] models’ because of their arrogant attitudes.” On my face, you have the audacity to say that! “Hum bhi kam krne atay hain, muft main zaleel honay nahi atay,” wrote the model, “We came here to work, not to be abused for free.”

According to the statement shared by the brand, both Saleem and Javed’s shoot for the brand will no longer be part of their Eid campaign.

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