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New Island emerges off Balochistan coast

JĪWANI: A new mound of land rose from the coastal waters of Pakistan’s southwestern region following massive geological changes in the sea.

Reports quoting sources said a new island has emerged as discovered by the fishermen sailing along the coast near Kund Malir, it emerged on Thursday.

The onlookers, who used to sail within the swathes of Hingol National Park on Makran Coastal Highway, said the island appeared from the depths of the sea and it spans over a considerable area however officials didn’t release the exact size of the baby island.

Technical Advisor of World Wide Fund for Nature’s Muhammad Moazzam Khan, while speaking with a publication mentioned that a new island appeared in the west off the coast of Sonmiani. Khan also added that it formed at the same location where some other islands have appeared between 2000 and 2010.

He also added that such Islands appear due to excessive geological activities in the sea, adding that they used to disappear after some time.

Earlier in 2013, an island emerged off Gwadar coast in wake of a powerful earthquake that struck the South Asian country. The island was later disappeared after some time.

Let it be known that earthquakes are the most common way for the planet earth to create new islands and if this fresh mound a few hundred meters offshore is a mud volcano, then it is just as likely that in the coming time it will be gradually winnowed away by the waves and disappear entirely akin to previous ones.


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