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Atif makes Bon Jovi – ‘It’s My Life’- style entry at own concert

You remember the video of Jon Bon Jovi’s song – It’s my life? Well Atif Aslam entered concert better than that music fan who jumped over traffic rushing to the concert.  Because that boy was shown going to attend someone’s (Jon bon Jovi) concert, here Atif was going to his own.   

On Friday, Atif Aslam made headlines when he was caught on camera zooming by on a bike on his way to a concert. This can be surely related to the video of Jon Bon Jovi’s song ‘It’s my life.’ In the video a young music fan is rushing to see the concert of Jon Bon Jovi. The boy is seen caught up in traffic and jumping his way through all sort of things.   

The song which was release 21 years ago in 2000 and went on to win Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.


In this case it was Atif Aslam running for his own concert. This left fans in awe for the commitment of the superstar and his love for the music. The internet praised the musician for going above and beyond to meet his professional obligations.


Aslam was playing at the KN Academy in Karachi on December 24. Due to severe traffic, he had to abandon his car and ride on the back of a motorcycle to arrive at the venue. Bystanders caught him on camera, and the video has gone viral on social media.


Majority of fans were enthralled by this performance and chanted compliments for the singer, noting that he never disappoints.


Some people said their admiration for him grew.

Another user gave Aslam a higher rank since he “struggled” in a way that the user wouldn’t have.


Karachiites must relate.


There’s always that one individual who wants to make a “mehngaai” [inflation] joke.

Some folks, though, were not so forgiving. According to a Niche Lifestyle article, Aslam came at 12 am, five hours later than expected, and that this wasn’t the first time he’d done so.

People urged their online friends to cease praising celebrities for doing their jobs. Some speculated that the event was hosted rather far away, and that Aslam’s tardiness meant they would have a long journey home late at night.

This netizen contrasted the situation to someone trying to go to work on time, attempting to demonstrate that performing one’s job is the bare minimum, and that this should apply to celebrities as well as everyone else.

Aqsa Younas
Aqsa Younas
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